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FamaLaser III. VHT-507/DVRM-G

FamaLaser III. VHT-507/DP
(Only available in Hungary)

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ProLaser III. VHT-810 introduction
  • The ProLaser III. uses invisible infrared laser beam for quick and accurate pin pointed measurement.
  • The instrument can be used in hand, or on a tripod, or on the dashboard from a vehicle.
  • The optical target device - Head Up Display - provides a precise picture of the situation, with the targeted vehicle speed value.
  • Long life built in batteries.
  • To print the results, the operator has to set the vehicle speed limit - printing will start above the preset speed. (Seiko DPU-245 thermoprinter)
  • The printer prints out all the necessary data: year, month, day, hours, minute, second, distance in meter, speed in km/h.

Hand - held instrument battery, battery charger, shoulder bag for printer, printer battery charger, printer cable, 12 V DC external cable, PC cable for data logger, carrying bag.